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13 maggio 2011

Valentino Rossi

Bridgestone’s BT-016 PRO clearly impressed the people at Motorrad. For the highly regarded German motorcycling magazine crowned Bridgestone’s flagship sports tyre the winner of their 2011 Motorcycle Tyre Test. Proof that the new combination of materials and tread technology has really hit the mark for all-round handling, reliability and sports performance.

Motorrad’s testing regime is extremely comprehensive. Tyres from all leading manufacturers are all put through the wringer in a variety of conditions from the race track to the road and in the wet. While the BT-016 PRO scored extremely well in terms of handling, stability and precision in both race and road conditions, it was the tyre’s wet-weather performance that really impressed Motorrad’s technicians:

“The real sensation of the sports tyre test emerged on a permanently wet, 1.6 km long section of the Goodyear test track: [Bridgestone’s] completely redesigned BT-016 PRO. [The] new model offers a wide threshold with extensive reserves of grip. In our wet test section it achieved the fastest time and delivered the best delay time of all the tyres tested. In the rain, you simply cannot praise this type of performance highly enough.” 

In fact, the BT-016 PRO’s performance on wet surfaces was so impressive it was more than enough to claim the reviewers’ “best rain tyres/sport” title. In the race section, the BT-016 PRO impressed with “its solid, stable grip and clean responsiveness.” Out on the road, the tyre delivered outstanding all-round performance with “much better cold termperature properties [which] improved its responsiveness significantly in changeable weather.” 

As stated, however, it was in wet conditions that the BT-016 PRO really stood out from the crowd. “It performed best when braking in the wet. Even the design of the tyre limits is impressive: if the rear wheel slips out, the front weel always has more than enough grip to compensate.”  

And the final verdict, then? “With its new rubber compound, the BT-016 PRO wins for all-round use. [The tyre] gave a balanced performance over the race, road and wet sections of the test. In particular, its first class performance on wet tarmac brings the BT-016 PRO up to first position.” 

All in all, Motorrad’s comprehensive tests confirm the Battlax BT-016 Hypersport PRO’s superiority when it comes to stability, grip and precision performance in all conditions.

Translation and summary of the article "Radial und radikal", published in the German magazine Motorrad, Issue 5/2011.